One of the advantages of men’s wavy hairstyles is the wavy style that can be easily obtained. Besides that, this guy’s hairstyle also looks more volume. According to Sal Salcedo, a hairstylist from California, this year’s male and female hair trends will shift slightly. Women will cut their hair shorter, and men will start to like long or medium hair! It’s time to look more confident with the natural texture of your hair. Let your appearance get cooler, see the various styles and wavy hairstyles you can try!

Take advantage of the natural texture of the hair by forming a classic classic ‘crest’ pompadour. Use wax or hairpins to last longer. This one man’s wavy hair model can you make a couple’s hairstyle inspiration with a partner.

This pompadour hairstyle combines several elements such as a neat beard, hair texture, neat hair side and long curly hair. all elements are kept neat to create a stunning appearance. This pompadour hairstyle is suitable for men with curly hair.