Not only for women, now the changes in style and hairstyles are also followed by men. Every year, black men’s hairstyles always change with changing times. As if he didn’t want to lose with women, men began to try to show their true identity by using their hairstyles. In addition, hairstyles are also used as a way to increase their confidence.

The shape of the hair that puts it in the position of the top, using the application of gel. Hair the back and the sides of the left and right side follow in the direction of the front as well. Brown color is very good given the hair color for you to give. black is good for this spike hairstyle. Doing a blend of two colors is very suitable for this hairstyle. Giving blonde color is very good for this hairstyle. Doing it with ombre can also be given well for this spike style haircut. used for men with other faces.

Spike haircuts can increase your upper hair volume, this spike can make your face look longer. Spike haircut or Indonesian people usually call it spiky hair almost suitable for all ages ranging from teenagers to those who are married in their 40s.