If you are a beginner and don’t know much about makeup products, this article might be suitable for you. There are many make up products that are created out there that have their respective functions and important roles in make up. As below, the make up products are mandatory for you beginners to get to know.

Face primer,make up function lasts longer whether it’s in hot, cold, humid and dry weather. Reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines that will make the skin look smooth and flat. Apply primer after moisturizer. Leave a moment to soak and dry before applying the next make up, the foundation.Is the type of make up that is used on the entire face. The most basic type of makeup for the first step when making up. There are usually several forms, namely liquid, cream, solid and a mild, mild mousse. Functions to cover deficiencies and cover stains on the skin. And most importantly, create a uniform color with the color of our skin. Use a brush brush for the foundation. There are many types of brushes to apply foundation. Some people are still comfortable using their fingers for the application. Put a little product behind the hand, then take it directly with a brush or finger, then spread it evenly throughout the face and neck, do not forget or make a pacifier on the face and blend with a brush.

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm and this is a type of cosmetics you can say for all in one. Usually it contains moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF. Sometimes there is whitening and anti aging. If you are a busy person and looking for a simple type of cosmetics and everything is in one container, BB cream may be the choice. Suitable for use every day before activities because it saves time. Its function is almost the same as a foundation which is to cover stains, flatten skin, zits etc. Usually they are in the form of creams, so they can be used with brushes, sponges or fingers. You can add it repeatedly for the fuller coverage.

Next face powder is a cosmetic that is used after a foundation that gives a matte finish. Basic cosmetics before applying blush, bonzer and other powder. Powder and solid. Results can be translucent or have the same color as our skin color.