Now make up has become a normal and mandatory thing, even children have already been wearing makeup, not just adult women and teenagers. Because of that we sometimes meet people with imperfect make-up. Not a look that looks beautiful and charming, but it actually looks older than its actual age. Because of the side effects of using heavy makeup too often, many women whose condition becomes damaged, dry and cracked.

Many women who are interested in how to make natural makeup, because not all women have enough time to dress up. Besides using natural makeup this will make your face look natural and not look dirty. Because this natural make up will adjust your skin color so that there will not be a stripe between the face and neck.

Apply foundation to the face. Because it is useful for flattening facial skin color. But in how to make up this tutorial, don’t apply too much foundation. Apply it thinly so that it does not occur between the skin of the face and neck. Remember to apply also to your neck. How to use foundation also should not be careless. Apply first starting from the top then down. Do not spread. The type of powder used, can powder or solid powder. Note: if you use solid powder, brush it using a brush on your face so that the results are thin and even.