lowing is the condition of the skin or makeup finish that makes the skin look shiny and flushed fresh. The glowing face gives a healthy facial skin. To get a glowing face that shines brightly like this, there’s no need to wait for your skincar product to work.

The key to making makeup glowing is to start with healthy skin, of course, to get healthy skin, start by using skincare treatments ranging from cleansing, toner, serum, to masks. By doing this series of treatments will make the skin become more moist and also more elastic so that it will make it easier for the makeup to stick to the skin and will look more glowing naturally.

To produce glowing makeup before applying makeup on the face, you should use a serum first. Serum has a function to make the skin healthier, more moist and supple. Choose a serum that has a glowing effect that can help brighten and flatten the facial skin. looks glowing naturally.

To provide additional glowing effects, you can use face gloss (allow clear lip gloss) at several points of the face so that the makeup looks more glowing. Face gloss itself has a colorless gel formula that can make your makeup look more shiny.