Buzz Cut is the right hairstyle for people who want to look neat but still masculine. This type of male hairdo does not require difficult treatment. In addition, Buzz Cut also makes the jaw line more visible. This model is suitable for a minimalist look.

This classic smack hairstyle relies on barber skills because the pieces rest on the clippers. Not infrequently the hairline is formed in such a way as to look neat and symmetrical. But this style is classic because it follows the natural hairline. You can adjust the thin thickness with your taste. Usually, the upper part is longer than the two sides and the back.

You can also make the hairline look faint by giving fade accents on both sides of your hair. Slightly different from the high and tight style, the gradation of hair thickness in this style is not too contrasting. The position of line accents can be adjusted, for example diagonally across the front, or following the side lines of the hair you used to have when the hair was still long.